From streamlining air traffic controller training support to securing mission critical application from threats, federal agencies are discovering how the transformation of business processes through technology can advance their business.  Our approach is grounded in the belief that effective implementation of technology has the power to significantly transform our clients’ business environments for the better. We understand that customers are becoming impatient with technology projects with ever-escalating budgets and time frames, and disappointing results. 

 At Indev, we do not consider a solution successful unless it is delivered with our highest standards of quality. We take pride in satisfying our clients by providing products and services that meet the specified requirements within the agreed budget and timeframe. Further, we are committed to continuously improving the processes by which we provide our products and services, so that our work is done right the first time.

What does this mean to our clients? Customer satisfaction, built on integrity and trust, has been the key to building successful and long-term partnerships with all of our clients. Our employees interact with our clients as committed partners rather than as merely another job. We achieve efficiency and consistency by judiciously applying our CMMI-consistent project management methodologies; not through cookie-cutter approaches that ignore project’s distinct needs and nuances. This approach has resulted in continual success in increasingly complex initiatives.



When you select Indev, you receive support from a team of skilled and flexible communicators, technology experts, trainers and a host of rapid responders to meet any requirement. In the competitive Federal Professional Services industry, it is difficult to know what differentiates one company from the next. At Indev, you can be sure that, when you talk, we listen; we are committed to being your partner of choice for the long-term support of your business objectives.