Indev to Deliver Wide Range of IT Support Services to DOT OST

Washington March 8, 2017 – Indev, LLC is pleased to announce the award of a five-year Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) contract with the Department of Transportation (DOT) Office of the Secretary of Transportation (OST) Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO). With multiple service areas, ITSS addresses a majority of DOT’s foreseeable system and software development, testing and evaluation, business process reengineering, requirements, cybersecurity, and program management needs over the next five years. The scope of services Indev will provide, in partnership with Halvik Corp., includes operating and maintaining existing systems across all modes of transportation as well as developing, modernizing, and enhancing future-state systems. ITSS is available to OST and all other agencies and modal administrations within DOT.

DOT oversees the formulation of national transportation policy and promotes intermodal transportation. Other responsibilities range from negotiating and implementing international transportation agreements, assuring the fitness of U.S. transport carriers, enforcing consumer protection regulations, issuing regulations to prevent alcohol and illegal drug misuse in transportation systems and preparing transportation legislation.

This contract award is exciting and foundational for Indev as it aligns with the company’s strategic focus and core competence of supporting the transportation market. Indev Partner Brett Albro states “We are excited to leverage our proven knowledge of the transportation industry and provide additional support to DOT’s mission critical systems. We are honored and excited to build on our partnership with DOT and look forward to delivering impactful results to a wide range of mission focused clients throughout the Department.”