Our People Make Us Great

More than anything else, what makes Indev great is our people. Indev’ers are analytical thinkers with outstanding business, technology, and communication skills - a combination that enables us to deliver solutions with real results. Our people possess an average of over ten years of federal experience, cultivating the perspective necessary to solve diverse problems, not just offer generic approaches. More significantly, we understand our clients' business realities and we have the talent, creativity, and flexibility needed to advance business goals.

While Indev encourages each person to act individually, we are bound closely together as one company. Through our strong cultural identity, we possess a clear direction to serve our clients with expressed shared values. We can mobilize geographically dispersed teams rapidly and bring together experienced individuals from across the company. We work quickly as a single, unified team with a common driving force. These values also guide our decisions and actions.

Commitment to Quality

Every Indev employee takes responsibility for the quality of the products and process. Indev's commitment to quality fosters long-term, trusted partnerships with its clients. We are committed to exceeding client expectations on every engagement. We develop, refine, and follow the best management practices. We embed these approaches into client relationships to provide reliability through effective, efficient, and repeatable processes. We serve our clients as trusted business advisors, embodying a sense of urgency, timeliness, and consultation with a focus on their goals and metrics.


Indev employees place the highest priority on integrity in all dealings with clients, partners and colleagues. Acting with integrity means honesty, good will, and respect. Our corporate culture upholds and enforces the highest standards of personal and professional conduct. We do the right things for no other purpose than to maintain professional standards.



Indev's employees constantly improve. We value new ideas and an entrepreneurial approach at all levels, whether identifying an innovative tactical approach to a client challenge or undertaking a new strategic initiative for developing or enhancing Indev's core capabilities. 


Indev employees exercise independent thinking and select the products, services, and solutions for clients based on merit alone. When making decisions, we maintain a balanced perspective that seeks a mutually beneficial outcome for our clients, employees and partners.