Many different disciplines must function in tandem to achieve success. From project and requirements management to implementation and training, success requires alignment of people and processes to deliver a solution of value. Technology must support the functional and organizational needs of the agency and its beneficiaries.

At Indev, we specialize in value-driven business and technology management, offering services ranging from full life-cycle software development to air traffic systems engineering.  We tailor our solutions from the point of view of our clients, and their specific needs. We successfully organize teams with the right skill mix to build complete solutions that re-engineer processes, realign resources, and upgrade technologies. Indev provides expertise in the following service areas:


  • Business Transformation & Integration Planning
  • IT Cost Savings & Investment Management
  • Data Management, Analytics & Visualization
  • Training & Instructional Design
  • FITARA Implementation
  • IT Acquisition Strategy & Support

Systems Integration

  • DevOps & Agile Coaching
  • Agile Software Development
  • Microsoft Dynamics Implementation
  • Application Migration & Cloud Transition 
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment


  • Information Assurance & DevSecOps
  • Threat & Risk Enumeration
  • Policy, Plans, & Procedures
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Security Tools Management & Support
  • Assessment Services

Air Controller Training

  • Air Traffic Controller Training Support
  • Instructor and Support Staff Training and Certification
  • Training Process Improvement and Safety Enhancements
  • Simulation/Laboratory Training

Air Traffic Management

  • Air Traffic Control Systems
  • Safety Engineering & Safety Risk Management (SRM)
  • Aircraft Equipage & Avionics
  • Human Factors Research & Development