Indev is a small business focused on providing cybersecurity, systems integration and air traffic management services to the transportation and homeland security markets. Our strategic and technical experts partner with numerous federal government agencies to deliver cutting edge solutions that enable organizations to better achieve their mission objectives and critical national security imperatives. We believe in our clients' missions and understand the challenges they face in serving the American people.  

We bring proven expertise in information assurance, Agile software development, SecDevOps, data management, cloud migration, and enterprise architecture.  Our service offerings are designed to help our clients increase cost-effectiveness, improve process efficiency, integrate information and transition to next-generation technology.

We are right-sized, fast, flexible, and active listeners. We iteratively deliver business value and minimize risks. We leverage the latest disruptive tools, technologies, and methodologies to ensure maximum productivity while preserving our customers' investment. Whether providing training to air traffic controllers or re-engineering critical business processes, Indev brings the necessary experience and capability needed for success. We care and take pride in what we deliver, with focused attention on ensuring a high return on investment for customers.




To be the business transformation catalyst for improving our nation's well-being through innovative business and technical solution development.


Improve the business performance for our clients through smart and efficient development of information technology, cybersecurity and air traffic management solutions.