Arlington, VA, January 31, 2022 – Indev is excited to announce the addition of Cathy Simpson as Sr. Director of Business Development. Mrs. Simpson will oversee efforts to identify net new business opportunities within the DHS market, as well as support other functional areas— including relationship management, capture, and proposal development. 

Prior to joining Indev, Cathy was the CEO/Owner of Savage Solutions Enterprises, LLC—a Federal Business Development Consulting company. Her professional experience encompasses working as the DHS Business Development Associate Vice President at Sev1Tech and the Vice President of Business Development at TWD & Associates. Some of her previous positions at DHS businesses include GAI, GTSI, McDonald Bradley, and CLMS. Cathy has a storied career supporting the FedCiv community and has been working with DHS since its inception.  Her experience in FedCiv IT has been focused on both professional services, as well as value-added reselling, and her professional efficacy extends from agile transformation and cyber security—to cloud migration and digital modernization. Last week, Mike Pittenger, Indev Partner, commented that, “with Cathy helping to drive new business, we’re looking forward to a very bright 2022 and beyond!” 

Mrs. Simpson is an advocate and a participant in many nonprofit organizations that foster communication between Government and Industry to include GTSC, ACT/IAC, ATARC, and AFFIRM.  

Cathy attended VA Tech and majored in Communications with a focus on the film industry. 

Outside of the office, Cathy enjoys spending time with family, fly fishing, skiing, golfing, riding motorcycles, and cooking. She also has a beautiful rescue named Genny, who is 16 years old and is thriving.