Arlington, VA, May 8, 2019 – The General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded Indev an IT-70 task order to provide Agile Transformation services to the Fleet Program Office.  The support and expertise that Indev will provide include Agile coaching, training, and modernization support services to assist GSA Fleet with the development and modernization of their 19 legacy applications.  Our overall goal is to help GSA Fleet facilitate its transition to Agile systems development.

Indev will help GSA Fleet focus on driving culture change and build a working knowledge of Agile across the business and IT components to help instill Agile as the target framework for implementation. Indev will provide hands on coaching, training, and maturity assessment and recommendations to assist GSA Fleet with implementing the Agile processes, practices, procedures and philosophies needed to create a successful Agile Systems development environment and culture.

“This award will allow Indev to provide GSA Fleet with expertise in Agile Transformation by tailoring our Agile Implementation Framework and applying lessons learned from our delivery across our Federal clients, including DHS ICE and DOT.  GSA Fleet has done a great job in creating a clear set of objectives and recognizes the benefits that adopting Agile as THE path forward will provide. We are excited about the opportunity to help drive this transformation” said Charlie Inman, Vice President, Service Delivery.

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